Timber door canopies Earley

Timber door canopies Earley

Are you looking for a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution to provide a little more protection to your front door and home entrance area? Have you considered the benefits of timber door canopies? Earley based Townhouse Products specialise in the production and installation of quality timber door canopies. Earley residents who are looking for stylish affordable solutions to timber door canopies need look no further than Townhouse Products, Earley based.

Timber door canopies are somewhat different to a front porch. Whereas a full front porch will provide protection on all sides, a timber door canopy is a small roof canopy providing protection above head and is less enclosed than a full porch. Whilst a timber door canopy does not provide the same level of protection as a porch it does offer a measure of protection to the front door area, it creates a beautiful aesthetic finish, it naturally takes up less space than a front porch and enables you to continue using the front door as your main entrance. Timber door canopies also can prove to be less costly than a porch. The protection afforded by way of timber door canopies helps to reduce the amount of maintenance required down the line. Timber door canopies provide much needed shelter and protection, to the door frame and door itself, from the constant elements. It also makes those casual conversations with the postman, or any other visitor, that little bit more relaxing! So if you are looking for a simple, efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to add a little protection to your front door entrance or indeed side door or back door entrance, then a timber door canopy may just be the ticket.

Townhouse Products specialise in producing high quality timber door canopies. Earley based, we carefully select quality timber from Europes Redwood Forests ensuring that our customers can enjoy their timber door canopies with satisfaction for years to come. We strive to always take our customers best interests to heart and are committed to providing not only a high quality but also an affordable service. Our small team are expertly qualified as well as highly experienced and we are on hand and here to help our customers to get the very most out of our products. Our customers can choose to have their timber door canopies installed by one of our experienced team members or they can choose to purchase one of our timber door canopy kits which come with full instructions for ease of home installation.

Are you considering the benefits of timber door canopies? Earley based Townhouse Products would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions with regards to our timber door canopies. Earley homeowners who are looking for a local reputable company with an excellent reputation and a commitment to customer care have come to the right place. Please visit our website for more information where you will also find our location and contact details.

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