Cosworth Door Canopies

If you’re in the market for Cosworth door canopies, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Timber Door Canopies, we supply a range of beautiful Cosworth door canopies that are easy to assemble and install above your door. The canopy is supported by a sturdy piece of timber measuring more than 100mm by 75mm in width and depth.

Cosworth Door Canopies

Cosworth door canopies are a great addition to practically any home, thanks to their timeless charm and unique style. Cosworth canopies are made from wood and have roofs which slant downwards and away from the wall, supported by attractive rafters and rails. Cosworth door canopies can cover both the space immediately outside the front door or extended across the front of a building if there is more than one door to the dwelling. We can make the canopy to a width of your choosing, so get in contact with us today and tell us about your requirements.

Why Choose Cosworth Door Canopies

They’re Attractive. Cosworth door canopies can dramatically improve the attractiveness of your home. Suited to practically any style of house, especially modern builds, Cosworth canopies help to add character and charm to bland buildings while complementing new and old builds alike.
They provide lighting. Cosworth canopies can be fitted with overhead, automatic lighting that can help you see what you’re doing as you unlock your front door.
They protect you from the rain. Thanks to their sloping roof design, Cosworth door canopies are excellent at protecting you from the rain as you unlock your front door. With a door canopy, you can finally avoid getting soaked as you fumble for your keys.
They can help your home match other houses in the area. Cosworth door canopies are a great design feature that can help you match your home to others in your neighbourhood, boosting its attractiveness and that of the whole street as well.
They last for decades. Once you’ve decided on a Cosworth door canopy, it’ll last for decades. The combination of roof tiling, treated timber, and high-quality construction mean that it will serve you for as long as you’re in your current home.

Choose Timber Door Canopies For Cosworth Canopies

At Timber Door Canopies, we think that we offer the best Cosworth canopies on the market. Here’s why:

We only use treated timber. Timber comprises the majority of the construction of our door canopies. Therefore, the quality of the wood largely determines how long the canopy will last. All our Cosworth canopies are made from excellent quality timber that will serve you for years to come. By choosing us, you won’t have to worry about your canopy degrading over time.
You’ll love our dedicated service. We believe in supplying not only high-quality Cosworth canopies but canopies that are convenient too. We pre-install as much of the canopy as possible before we deliver it to you and provide easy-to-follow guidance on installation.

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