Door Canopy Manufacturers Berkshire

If you are a homeowner in Berkshire, a door canopy is one way to distinguish your house and make it stand out. If you are looking for door canopy manufacturers, Berkshire based Timber Door Canopies is the company you need.
Timber Door Canopies specialises as the door canopy manufacturers Berkshire homeowners can rely on. By working with a small team of expert craftsmen, they work to make sure that every door canopy is constructed to the highest standard.
What are door canopies? Door canopies are a small roof structure which is fitted above the front or back door of a house. They offer shelter to people visiting the house when they are waiting for you to answer, as well as protecting you from rain blowing into the house when you open the door. It offers the advantages of a porch without the planning permission, cost and labour of adding a porch to your property. Since each door canopy is attractively designed and then can be made in a range of styles, a door canopy serves as a feature to distinguish the house from your neighbours’ houses by adding a touch of individuality.
As door canopy manufacturers, Berkshire based Timber Door Canopies use timber to construct each canopy. By selecting each piece carefully, it not only guarantees that the finished product will be attractive and well-constructed, but it means that it will be durable, so the door canopy becomes a home improvement that will enhance your property. Each door canopy that the team create is individually checked for quality before shipping.
What styles can I choose? The most popular styles are pitched canopies. Pitched means that it has a sloping angle on the roof. The pitch, or slope, can either be in one direction, away from the house, or in two directions giving a pointed structure. Timber Door Canopies, the leading door canopy manufacturers Berkshire has to offer, has four designs of pitched roof canopy. They also have a design of flat door canopy. This is suited for flat roofed houses, or locations where the pitched door canopy would not fit with the style of the building. You can see examples of all these designs on the website.
How do I know if it will fit? Each door canopy is crafted for the needs of the customer. Get in touch with the team at Timber Door Canopies to discuss your specific requirements. Because they are the manufacturers for each door canopy they sell, the design can be tailored to your needs.
How will it be fitted? Each door canopy is dispatched within two days of purchase by courier. When it arrives, you will find that it has full instructions on how to fit the door canopy. By following these simple instructions, you will have a practical and eye-catching door canopy fitted in no time.
For door canopy manufacturers, Berkshire has the premium supplier in Timber Door Canopies. Contact them today with your specifications to see how they can meet your needs.

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