Traditional Cottage Canopies Berkshire

Timber Door Canopies are the leading manufacturer and supplier of traditional cottage canopies Berkshire has to offer. Shipping by courier nationally, they are experts in making traditional cottage canopies for all doors.
If you are a homeowner in Berkshire, it can be difficult finding ways to personalise the exterior of your house. What are some ways that you can refresh the look of your property without going to the expense and trouble of an extension or having new doors and windows fitted? Here are a few suggestions.
1) Repaint the woodwork
One simple way to refresh the look of your Berkshire property is to clean and repaint the woodwork. Although this requires a good pair of ladders, a head for heights and a decent dry weekend, it is an effective way to renew the property. It can be very easy to stop noticing the timber fascia or soffit when you see them each time you enter and leave the house. But over time, the paint or stain can fade or wear off, leaving unprotected wood. You might not notice it but people visiting will. A little hard work and you can have the woodwork looking as good as new. If you are not confident on ladders, you could find a local decorator who will quote to do the work.
2) Use hanging baskets or a trellis
Another simple way of refreshing a Berkshire property is to put up hanging baskets, or decorative plant pots. One possibility is to have a climbing plant in a plant plot with a trellis that it can climb. If you pick the plants carefully, you can bring a summery look to the property by the colourful flowers.
3) Invest in traditional cottage canopies
Another option which is simpler than it sounds is to fit traditional cottage canopies over your front and back doors. Cottage canopies are timber canopies which are fitted over the door. Most are pitched, though they are also available in a flat roof option. When it comes to traditional cottage canopies, Berkshire homeowners will find that they have a practical and a visual benefit. The practical benefit is that they shelter the doorway from rain and bad weather. But more importantly, they will change the appearance of a Berkshire property by introducing a new feature to the design.
The reason that Timber Door Canopies is the manufacturer of traditional cottage canopies Berkshire homeowners can rely on is because of the quality standards that they have in place. All the traditional cottage canopies are constructed in the best quality timber, meaning that it will look good and last well. They are constructed to order, according to your specifications, and there are several design options that you can check out on the website
If you are interested in refreshing your house exterior, contact the leading manufacturers of traditional cottage canopies, Berkshire based Timber Door Canopies. Their expert team of craftsmen are waiting to make a door canopy constructed to your specifications.

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